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About the High Twelve Association
"High Twelve - a call from labor to refreshment."
"High Twelve International is masonry in action."

Official High Twelve International Emblem
Official High Twelve International Emblem

High Twelve is an association of master masons who desire an hour of Masonic fellowship independent of the formal ritual of lodge but dedicated to service to the fraternity. High Twelve was founded by E. C. Wolcott in Sioux City, Iowa on May 17, 1921.


25,000 master masons

There are over 300 active high twelve clubs

in the united states,  Canada and other foreign

countries.  those in the united states are

chartered in states where the grand jurisdiction

permit such Appendant organizations.


The local club is the foundation upon which the

 state and international organization is dependent.


state associations


state associations of high twelve clubs are

composed of representatives from every chartered

 high twelve club within their jurisdiction.

these have from 5 to over 100 clubs

within a jurisdiction.  every club is affiliated

with a state association.


international governing board

an international governing board is the final

authority through which major actions are

channeled and decisions reached.  the

governing board is composed of the elected

officers and the state association presidents.

an annual international convention is held to

provide the attending members with a first

hand report of the activities and accom-

plishments and progress of the local clubs,

the state association and the international.


 eligibility for membership


all master masons in good standing in lodges

 recognized by the grand lodge in whose

 jurisdiction the club is located and upon

application and approval by the local club are



 in service to freemasonry

high twelve affords valuable assistance to the

blue lodges in whatever manner is judged

most needed.  high twelve is masonry in

action in the community where each club

holds its meetings and in the state where the

several clubs are banded together in common

purpose.  high Twelvians adhere strictly to

Masonic law of that jurisdiction.


an invitation to you

an open invitation is extended to all master

masons  to visit a high twelve club, whether

he is a local Masonic brother or a sojourner.

 (see application form on another page)


international office are in evansville indiana


 high twelve international spearheads the entire

organization with an administrative office located


High Twelve International
c/o Bettendorf Masonic Center
2412 Grant St
Bettendorf IA 52722-5025

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